Friday, February 03, 2006

Google PM Interview Notes (phone screen) :

In general the phone interview is quick and you dont have much time. Be concise and get your point across. Try to Google your interviewer ahead of time so that you have an idea of what they work on. Many folks have blogs these days.

-Tell me about X product on your resume, why did you build it, what problem did it solve, and was it successful?

-Why Google?

-The PM I spoke to focused on search quality and so he wanted to know how to improve the relevance of search. For example if i search for camcorders, beyond the keyword what other information could i use to improve those results among the many products that google now offers. For example, should i direct them to froogle or local and if so why?

-I offered up a Google product that i would create if i were a PM.

-What questions do you have about Google?

Thats it. Now its just wait and see.


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